It’s been a busy few months here at Chrysalis HQ as I’ve been working hard to launch a new service (and a brand new website to go along with it) – Home Staging!

Home Staging as many of you already know, is the process of preparing and presenting a house for the sale or rental market. In some ways it is the complete opposite of interior design, which focuses on making an interior space unique and luxurious, to the personal taste of the client; home staging is about neutralising a space, making it appeal to the mass market, not the client living there. Furthermore, whereas interior design often makes use of bespoke and high end items, home staging does everything on a small budget – there simply is no point spending a fortune on expensive finishes when you are looking to sell the place!

The whole point of home staging is to make the property look as inviting, cosy and homely, fresh, clean and ready-to-move-into as possible (think boutique hotel style) on as small a spend as is necessary, in order to maximise your profits when selling.

Interestingly, a professionally staged home can sell for as much as 10-15% MORE than an identical unstaged home. So if your home is worth £150,000 that’s an increase of £15K-£20K extra on your asking price. Considering that you can make dramatic changes to the appearance of a house for as little as £500, sometimes even less, then you can see how much sense it makes to spend a few hundred pounds to gain several thousand. Plus, staged homes often sell quickly, because buyers love them! It really is a worthwhile pursuit if you are selling your home.

Home Staging also works for the rental market. By staging a rental property, you will increase its desirability and therefore potentially be able to charge a higher rent and the times your property will be vacant between lets will be shorter too as demand for your beautiful rental will be higher.

Having listened to the facts, and if you have a property to rent or if you are selling your home, what reason do you have for not using a home stager? For so little outlay and for such potential gain, there really is nothing to lose.

As Home Staging is a totally different service to interior design I have launched my brand new website ChrysalisHomeStaging.Com so please click the link and have a look around.

In order to offer Home Staging as a service, I have trained with TV’s very own House Doctor, Anne Maurice (remember her from the TV show House Doctor?) and I am currently working my way to be a Consultant on the House Doctor Network. You can read all about Home Staging and what we offer on the Chrysalis Home Staging Website, Chrysalis Home Staging so please do check it out!

There are lots of other new and exciting services which go hand in hand with Home Staging, such as our Moving In Service, Photo Consultations and Home Makeovers and you can read more about all of them on the new website.

AND FINALLY if you would like a few tips and some Home Staging advice then check out my ebook – available for FREE from Chrysalis Home Staging Tips & Advice.

Until next time,

Sam x