Happy New Year Everybody!

This is a little late in coming I know, as it is very nearly February, but it has been a very busy year so far for us at Chrysalis Interior Design. Our relocation to our Midlands address has taken longer than anticipated so we’ve been making the best of far from ideal circumstances for several weeks now. However, during this time of upheaval and uncertainty there has been a very exciting development… Chrysalis Interior Design has been chosen by the lovely people at Insight Magazine (@InsightMagUK) to be their Interior Designer of 2013!

We have been awarded their Award of Excellence for Interior Design for 2013 and are featured on the cover of the magazine in the February Issue, with a 2-page article all about us and our work inside. This award was such a lovely surprise and we couldn’t be happier that our work has been so well received by everyone. We obviously love what we do, but it is always wonderful when so many other people love it too!

So now when you come to Chrysalis Interior Design to help you out with your interior design queries, you can rest assured you are enlisting the help of an award winning company!

This week coming up is a busy one here as we will be finally moving into our new digs. Plus there will be photos coming of my newly renovated home (frequently decorated in lovely shades of grey…) so watch this space.

Wishing you all the best for a beautiful 2013 to come!